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Shipment tracing by carrier/vendor/order
number including product listing per shipment
Tariff and tax costing
Volume reports by supplier or country
Carrier transit reports
Freight costing reports
Goods & Services Tax (GST) reporting
L.M. Clark Canadian Agents Listing
CUSMA Certificate preparation
Canada Customs Invoice preparation
Bills of Lading preparation
Exchange rates for all countries
Legal notes for international document
Accounts payable enquiry
Complete vendor product enquiry

Free access to all of our programming
Electronic production of all shipping documents
Customs documents produced from our database provides accurate descriptions and pricing
Access to Revenue Canada Electronic Release System (ACROSS)
Electronic customs release decisions by Canada Customs prior to arrival of goods into Canada
Freight savings due to decreased intransit times
Customs clearance in less than a minute
Decreased staff time due to electronic versus manual document production

CDI Upgrade Manual (PDF File)
24-Hour Contact Line: 416-379-1457     Toll-Free Line: 1-877-673-8685

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